Stalins Barber by Paul Levitt
Stalin's Barber


by Paul M. Levitt


Avraham Bahar leaves debt-ridden and depressed Albania to seek a better life in, ironically, Stalinist Russia. A professional barber, he curries favor with the Communist regime, ultimately being invited to become Stalin's personal barber at the Kremlin, where he is entitled to live in a government house with other Soviet dignitaries. In the intrigue that follows, Avraham, now known as Razan, not only barbers Stalin (or so he thinks), but also the many Stalin look-alikes that the paranoid dictator circulates to thwart possible assassination attempts-including a possible attempt from Razan himself.

2013 PubWest Book Design Award Winner for Jacket Cover and Design

Stalin's Barber comprises all that the great historical novels used to be- epic scope, powerful characterizations, visceral action and a blazingly intelligent authorial point of view.
   -Frank Delaney, author of Ireland: A Novel, a New York Times bestseller

A vivid, imaginative story rich in detailed characterisation which takes the reader on a dark journey laced with black humour into the heart of the USSR at the height of Stalin's power. Levitt explores a terrifying world of lies, deceit and half truths; a world of party hacks, informers and secret police; a world where an innocent phrase, misplaced "joke" or misinterpreted glance leads to imprisonment, deportation, torture and murder.
   -Martin Jenkins, former chief producer, British Broadcasting Corporation

ISBN-13: 9781589797710
PAGES: 392